Something Finished

I bound off the Circular Shawl (Laura Bryant) on the way to breakfast this morning, our last meal in Yellowstone. Yellowstone is incredible, by the way. I think I like the shawl, too. :)

I did use a different gauge than the pattern suggested for this project, but that only required two conversions - to figure out how many stitches should be on the needles when switching to the second increase interval and how many should be on the needles when stopping the increases. The pattern starts with the narrow part of the taper, so those instructions could be followed as-is. The short rows are worked across four fewer stitches with each turn, but that doesn't need changing, either, because it's proportional to the row height, which changes appropriately along with the gauge. I hope that makes some sense. I do have on my to do list to write up a good explanation of which things in a pattern need to be changed and which don't if you're using a different gauge. :)

My only trouble with the gauge was I went a good bit smaller and, while I love the result, that meant oodles more stitches than the pattern as written would have needed. So much garter stitch in tiny boucle yarn...