Buttons Twice

Still slowly settling in at our new home on our new coast.  Finished the knitting on my daughter's sweater just before we got here, but took ages to dig out the yellow thread I decided I wanted for the buttons. 

Photo Aug 01, 12 38 42 PM.jpg

Sweet little red flower buttons.  Sigh. 

Two problems though:  (1) daughter decided she didn't like them (actually, she decided she didn't like the color of the whole sweater, but I managed to get her to agree that she might like the sweater ok if she could have buttons in her favorite color)  (2) they were just a tiny bit too small to stay closed (this was somewhat serious because the sweater is intentionally on the large side and the neck is a bit more open than I'd intended, so it slips off her shoulders easily if it comes unbuttoned).

We got out the button box and looked for pink buttons (pink was her favorite color that particular hour).  But I didn't have pink buttons, or not enough in the right sizes that went together at all well.  I talked her into white flower buttons with a pearlescent finish, which I convinced her could be thought of as "sparkly" (because there was one solitary sparkly pink button in the button box which she had become very attached to), and which I promised could be sewn on with pink thread.

Out came the thread box.  And, of course (how could I not have predicted!), she wanted many different shades of pink (and blue, and purple), not just one! 

So, this is the sweater with its new, better-sized and daughter-approved buttons sewn on with four different colors of thread. 

As an experiment, I added a second top button to make the neck a little snugger, but I might take that off someday.  Can't quite decide if it looks ok or too weird.   Sigh.

Photo Aug 01, 1 21 42 PM.jpg
Photo Aug 01, 1 21 57 PM.jpg