I tell you, it has been next to impossible to get much done while unpacking boxes, hanging out with my two kids who don't start school for another one (and two) weeks, and trying to take advantage of the last bits of summer!   I am working on a gauge tutorial download that will help with understanding exactly how to convert a pattern to a new gauge.  When I get that in order, it will go out to mailing list subscribers!

In between the rest of life, the entrelac triangle continues to grow.  Being garter stitch, it takes very very little thought.  Being the finest gauge I've ever used, it and it's single ball of yarn (which looks barely smaller than it did to start with; I may be knitting this for the rest of my life) fits into a very small bag and so it can come with me everywhere, picking up barely noticeable rows here and there that eventually add up to progress!


A huge treat of the summer, my mother-in-law gave me the new Unofficial Harry Potter Knits magazine from Interweave!   So many things I would love to make in there, and some lovely reading, too.  I'm starting with the Mudblood Cardigan by Tian Connaughton, as it turns out, and trying it in bulky weight (using Knittrick for the conversions and enjoying using my own app for a real project!) since the move has brought me unavoidably face-to-face with my accumulated stash.  Mark my words, I will not buy any new yarn until...  Until I've used a HUGE amount of what I already own.  Not every last scrap, maybe, but most of it!

I've got 12 balls of zealana eco by Yarn Sisters (80% Merino, 20% Possum)  and I've already started a project or two and tested a bunch of stitches with it that I ended up rejecting.  I'm feeling good about Mudblood, though!  Fingers crossed that there's enough yarn, but thinking I can shorten/eliminate/add stripes to the sleeves if I have to.