Knitting math just got fun.

Knittrick does the math so you can get back to the knitting.  Three useful options:

    • Adjust a Pattern  — Plug in the pattern's gauge and your preferred gauge, then type any stitch or row counts the pattern uses.  Knittrick instantly calculates the equivalent counts for your gauge, even adjusting for a repeating pattern if you specify one.
    • How Much Difference Will It Make?  — Maybe your gauge is really close and you hope it's close enough.  Maybe you want to make a pattern smaller or larger by using a thinner or thicker yarn.  For any stitch or row count you enter, Knittrick tells you exactly what size the pattern intended and what size you will get instead.
    • Work With Measurements  — You're ready to strike out on your own and create your own pattern.  Enter your gauge and the measurements that matter to you.  Knittrick calculates immediately the stitch or row count equivalent.  Knittrick will even ensure its answers are in even multiples of any count you specify.

    When you're done, jot your new counts down on your pattern or email them to yourself from right inside the app.

    Illustrated tutorials included.