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Just need to keep track of rows for a while?  Maybe add a quick note?  The phone can stay in your pocket!   Get the details.

Just need to keep track of rows for a while?  Maybe add a quick note?  The phone can stay in your pocket!  Get the details.



Using a Pattern


Repeating a Chart


Videos feature the free cabled cowl pattern 'Patricia', by Debbi Stone.

Screenshots in the App Store feature the 'Modern Wrapper' pattern by Churchmouse Yarns & Teas of Bainbridge Island, Washington.

More videos to come...

Getting Started

Should I tap the counter button at the beginning or end of a row?

I used to get myself so confused about this when I was using traditional row counters!  Here's what works best: update the counter as soon as you START a new row.  If you are knitting row 2, the counter should say '2'.  This way, your row notes and pattern highlights match the counter.  If you finish a row and put your knitting down, leave the counter where it is.  When you pick up your knitting again and START a new row, bump the counter up to match the row you are currently knitting.

The counter is a tool to tell you where you are now, not a progress report on how many rows you've finished.

Why does the counter start at zero?

Row zero is the cast on row!  You might want to make a note on row zero of how many stitches you cast on or what method you used or which needles you used.

OK, zero's cool.  But now I've finished the body and I'm starting the sleeve, so how do I get the counter back to zero?

You should create a new piece for this project!  At the top, just under your project's name, you'll see 'First Piece'.  Tap that button and you can change the name of that first piece (to something more useful, like "Body"), or create a new piece, or switch to another piece you've already created.  You can also copy all the notes and pattern highlights from the current piece when you create a new one (for doing a second sleeve, for instance).

How do I get my pattern into Knitamus?

When viewing a PDF anywhere on your device, tap the screen and you will see a button at the top of the page that says 'Open in..."  Tap that and then tap the Knitamus icon that will appear.  Knitamus will open and let you know when your pattern is ready.  Then you can choose to use the pattern in any project by tapping "Show pattern page or chart" or by tapping "Choose Pattern" from the project "Details" screen.

Or, if you connect Knitamus to your Dropbox account, you can also pick any PDF that you put in the Apps/Knitamus/Drop_PDFs_Here folder in your Dropbox.  (Knitamus does not have access to files outside of your special Apps/Knitamus folder.)

If you have PDFs in iBooks, there is an extra step because unfortunately iBooks doesn't offer the "Open in..." option.  You can email the PDF to yourself, though, and then open it from your email.  Once you are viewing the PDF in your email, tap the sharing button (looks like a box with an arrow pointing straight up out of it) and you should see the Open in Knitamus button.

How to get a PDF from your email into Knitamus.

How to get a PDF from your email into Knitamus.

Using Patterns and Charts

My pattern isn't showing up in the chart window.

When you want to see your pattern, tap the "Show pattern page or chart" button in the middle of the chart window.  You can choose a page of one of your PDFs or a photo you've taken (of a printed pattern, or even a chart you've sketched yourself).

I can't move my chart.

After adding a chart or pattern page or updating the counter to a new row, you will be able to move your pattern freely to get it settled under the highlight bar as you want it for this row.  Knitamus will automatically pin your chart in place after you've left it alone for a while, or you can tap 'Pin' to pin in place yourself.  You can tap 'Unpin' at any time to fiddle with the position as much as you want.

What does it mean to 'Pin' a chart?

When a chart or pattern page is pinned, it simply means that Knitamus has saved a position for the row you are on.  If you come back to that row because you frogged or because you copied the piece you were working on to knit a second one (like, for a sleeve), Knitamus will move the page back to that same position so that the part you had highlighted is highlighted again.

When a chart is pinned, you can still move it from side to side (because many of us need to zoom in to be able to see the chart clearly and we'll have to scroll to see the rest of the row), but you won't be able to move it up or down (because that would make it too easy to loose your place) unless you tap 'Unpin'.

Now I want to see the next page!  Where is it?

First, get the current page out of your way by tapping 'Done'.  You'll get a pop up asking to you confirm that you want the current page to go away on the next counter row (if you want it to end on a different row, you can choose to edit the chart details).  Then tap your counter to go to the next row.

Can I see more of the pattern???

Sure!  You can make the chart window larger by making the counter button smaller.  Touch the space between the counter button and the chart window, where the '-1', 'Add Note', and 'Edit' buttons are, and drag down as far as you want.  (Well, as far as you can — the counter button won't let itself get so small that you can't see its numbers!)

You can also see the whole pattern if you just want to check something somewhere else or copy some text.  Double tap on the chart window and the pattern will fill the screen.  (Due to issues with PDF encoding, there are some PDFs that will not show up this way but will only give you a blank screen.  I'm sorry about that and looking for ways to work around it.)

Hmph.  The highlight bar is too big (or small) for my chart.

You can change it!  Touch the highlight bar for a second until it starts to pulse, then drag up to make the bar thicker or down to make the bar thinner.  It can get as thin as 1 pixel, if you want, which might be hard to see!  Just touch the center of the window and drag up to make it bigger again.

Knitamus will remember the height you left the highlight bar for each specific row.

Repeating Charts

How do I set up a repeating chart?

Because Knitamus is saving the position you've settled at for each row as you knit, it can tell when you move backwards in a chart.  It will then ask you if you are repeating part of the chart and guide you through the simple process of setting up the repeat if you choose 'Yes'.  The row of the repeat and the number of repeats you have worked will then be displayed above the chart window.

How can I adjust what's shown for a particular row of the repeat?

If you change the position for any row (by tapping 'Unpin', moving things around, and tapping 'Pin' or waiting for the chart to pin itself) while you are in a repeat, Knitamus will ask you if you are done with the repeat or not.  If you choose 'No', the new position will be saved for every equivalent row in the repeat.  If you choose 'Yes', the repeat will be finished and the chart window will go back to the way it was working at first, unpinning and waiting for you to set a new position every time you increment the counter.

How do I delete a chart or change the number of rows it covers?

When you end a repeat by tapping 'Done', you will be able to edit the details.  So you can delete it or change the number of rows it covers.

Row Notes

I need to make a note that I'm doing something different on row 32 (or any other row).

You can tap 'Add Note' when the counter says row 32 and type in whatever you want.  That note will then always show up when the counter is at 32 for this piece of the project.

You can also tap 'Edit' (to the right of 'Add Note') and you'll get a list of all the rows in this piece, with the current row highlighted.  Tap on any row to add a note or edit an existing note for that row.

I want to remind myself to do something every 5 rows.

Of course you do!  Tap 'Add Note' the first time you want the note to appear and type your note.  Then choose 'Save as Repeat' instead of just 'Save Note'.  You'll get a new view where you can easily set the number of rows you want in the repeat and even add notes for the rows in between if you want to.  You can also set the number of times you want the note to repeat or the final row you want it to appear on or change the starting row.

Arg!  I need to change my repeating note!

Great!  Tap 'Edit' (to the upper right of the counter button) and you'll see a bar down the right hand side of your row note list for each repeating note you've made.  The bars will say something like "3 row rpt" at the very top (in very tiny letters) to help you figure out which one you want.  Just tap the bar and you'll get the repeat editing view again, where you can change anything about the repeat or delete it if you need to.


How do I connect to Ravelry?

Visit the 'Settings' page from the main screen and tap 'Sign in to Ravelry'.  You'll pop to a Ravelry sign in page and then back into Knitamus after you sign in.  Two things you should know about connecting to Ravelry:

  1. If you haven't yet purchased a Knitamus subscription, Knitamus will create projects in the app for up to four of your current works in progress on Ravelry.  This will leave you with one more project you can create inside Knitamus before needing a subscription.
  2. If you have more than one Ravelry account, please choose just one to use with Knitamus!  If this is a sadness for you, let me know.  :)


How do I connect to Dropbox?

Visit the 'Settings' page from the main screen and tap 'Sign in to Dropbox'.  You'll pop to Dropbox for a moment to authorize Knitamus and then you'll be brought back into Knitamus.

If you already have a large number of projects in Knitamus (from a different device, perhaps), it may take some time for the initial import to complete.  Please be patient.

How much space will Knitamus take on my device or on my Dropbox?

The Knitamus app itself is much smaller than the average iOS app.  How much additional space it takes on your device or on Dropbox depends on how many projects you add and how many PDFs and photos you add to those projects.  I am thinking about ways to allow you to archive older projects to clear some space if you need to.


Knitamus no longer requires a subscription

If you have already purchased a subscription, Thank You!  You will automatically receive advanced features in the future.

Where did Knitamus come from?

Thanks for asking!  I built Knitamus because I love knitting and I love writing software for the iPhone and iPad.  For years before even starting to write the code (grad school and my two young children kept me too busy to dive in for a while), I was often daydreaming about how a really good knitting app could work.  It was exciting (and a little nerve-wracking) to give the first version to a small group of testers after months of work writing code.  I got wonderful feedback from those intrepid knitters and am looking forward to sharing Knitamus with the wider community.