I write software to sell to you, dear reader.  I have no interest in collecting your personal information.  Therefore, Knitphisticate apps will only share information that you have chosen to share (for instance, project notes and photos will be posted to Ravelry if you have logged in to your account there).  When logging in to third-party services (e.g. Ravelry and Dropbox), Knitphisticate apps use those service's methods made available for the purpose, which do not provide the app with your password at any time.  Instead, the app receives a token that only that app can use to connect to the service.  Knitphisticate apps store your username and the associated token on your device and do not transmit them anywhere other than to the service you have chosen to log in to, although your user id may be transmitted to your chosen syncing service to maintain a consistent experience for you across your devices.  Knitphisticate apps delete the token when you choose to log out of the service but may retain your username or user id to smooth the transition if you choose to log in again.

Any changes to this policy will be posted here and made available to you from within the affected apps in an appropriate manner as soon as they occur.