Just Me

First blog posts are always strange.  I can say that because I have another blog and writing the first post there was strange and this feels strange, too, so it must always be strange.

I've tried writing this one a few times, with what I fancied was a professional sort of flair... but it felt wrong, not just strange.  The thing is, I'm terribly excited to be launching the Knitphisticate site and I will be terribly excited to launch Knittrick soon (watch this space!  sign up for my newsletter so you can get it on day one!)... but this won't be fun if I get all formal about it.  Not fun for me and not fun for you, I'd imagine.  (They tell me the point of a blog on your company website is only to attract the search engines, but who wants to write to search engines?  I want to write to YOU, whoever you are.)

So, here I am, this is me.  If you want to know way way way more about me, you can check out What There's Time For, the personal blog I've been keeping for nearly 4 years (yikes!  that snuck up on me!  I wanted to type '3'!).  I'm thinking that from here on out, I'll be putting my knitting-related posts on Knitphisticate and keep writing about everything else I feel like writing about over there on What There's Time For.

I'll definitely be posting some tutorials here on how to get the most out of Knittrick, but mostly I think I'll be keeping things low-key and casual, run on sentences and cell phone photos of whatever I've got going on yarn-wise.  Which, at the moment, is a tiny baby hat with a stitch pattern I'm hoping will look kind of basket weave-like, 10 stitch repeat — Knittrick told me to cast on 70 stitches... I'm knitting my first Knittrick-calculated project!