Joke's On Me

Shmoogie's vest is almost done, done enough that she put it on herself this morning, over top of the velour shirt I sewed her two years ago which she dragged out of the depths of her closet and which, though quite short, still kind of almost fits.  She wants the last end woven in, but doesn't seem to understand why I feel the neck and armholes need ribbing!


What's really funny is the size of the vest. Because I thought I'd make it with some room to grow into it, you might remember I tapped my gauge into Knittrick and asked for 25".  Cast on, knit a while, husband asks, "Is it coming out the right size?" in kind of a nervous way, like if it's not then something must be wrong in the Knittrick code.

The problem is not with Knittrick.

The problem is with my knitting note-taking.  See, I figured this was the same yarn as a sweater I made for my son (blog-name: Mr. P) last year.  So I measured the gauge from the sweater and looked up my knitting notes to find the needle size I'd used.  Size 6.

I like to do the ribbing one size smaller than the main body, so I started with size 5, switched to size 6.

I have determined, now that the vest is done, that my sweater notes were... incomplete.  I noted size 6 because I'd started with size 6 because I'd started with the ribbing.  The actual gauge was obtained with size 7 needles.