Please tell me I'm not the only one

I ordered yarn on Thursday.  And then I ordered some more yarn on Saturday.  Driving home today I thought to myself, Maybe my yarn is here!

I smiled and started to daydream about my new project... and then realized I was daydreaming about the Saturday yarn, not the Thursday yarn, and as unlikely as it is that the Thursday yarn would be here already, it's pretty much impossible that the Saturday yarn would be.  So I tried to daydream about the Thursday yarn's project...

But I couldn't remember what it was.  I couldn't remember the intended project, I couldn't remember the type of yarn, I couldn't remember the color.  Nothing.

I kind of thought it might have been for the copy of my favorite store-bought hoodie I want to make in a more fun fiber, but the one thing I could remember was the price.  And $25 is not a sweater's worth of yarn.

Soon I get home and the shipment hasn't come and I find myself back on WEBS, hunting more yarn.  (Because I KNOW the hoodie still has no yarn!  Real problem!)  And I find some interesting linen/wool/silk in the closeouts section and I'm about to order a sweater's worth of it when I start to have the strange suspicion that I have looked at this yarn before.  That I might even have bought this yarn before.  That this might even be the yarn I bought on Thursday.

But it wasn't for the hoodie!  No, now I remember!  It was to combine with a cobweb yarn I hated on its own for a scarfy/shawly thing.

And then I realize, maybe I should wait for the first batch to come so I can make sure I really like it before ordering enough for a sweater.  See how practical and reasonable I am?