I have one and a half sleeves of the brown sweater I showed you last time, but that project is on hold in favor of the Lacy Hug-Me-Tight from Knit 2 Together which I am hoping to wear for my graduation in a few weeks or, at the latest, a couple of events in June.

First step: quite a bit of 2x2 ribbing!

This is only the second time I've knitted with completely inelastic yarn (this is 100% linen, "Flax" by Fibra Natura; the last time was Silken Straw by Alchemy). I've found I have to do a long test swatch just to get myself used to the tension I need to put on the yarn to get a consistent stitch, which feels like a lot more tension than I'm used to with basic wool yarns. I ignore the first half of the swatch and measure gauge on the second half, once I've gotten the hang of things.

By now, I have a few inches on the real thing!