Why a Subscription?

The ideas behind Knitamus had been sloshing around in my head, leaking out in sketches and scribbled notes for years before I finally started writing the code to make them real.  All through that time, I was also thinking about how Knitamus could sustain itself financially.

You probably know that it takes a lot of time and skill to build an app, but it also takes time, skill, and commitment to keep an app improving in tandem with Apple’s fast-paced updates to the underlying software and hardware.  I've learned through experience that it's hard to sustain that effort if an app isn't earning its keep, especially if you also want to make the app even better by writing new code to do extra fun and useful things.

The potential audience for Knitamus will always be relatively small (there are many knitters, of course, but only a few have iPhones or iPads or want to use an app while they knit).  With that in mind, I considered all the usual (and some less usual) options.  For each one, I also thought carefully about what exactly it would encourage me to do and, on the other hand, how it might affect the way you use the app and feel about it.

In the end, a subscription made perfect sense.  It was the only idea that made sense, actually!  This way, if you like the app — and you have five projects to try it out on first — you can support it for as long as you keep using it.  I want you to keep using it, so I need to keep the app working well and keep it getting better.  Isn't that how things ought to be?

My goal is simple — for Knitamus to be a sustainable project (most mobile apps aren't) so that you can continue to enjoy a quality app designed just for knitters (and built by a knitter!) for years to come.  Thank you so much for supporting this effort!

If you want to chat with me about this or anything else, feel free to send me an email from the Contact page.  I love to hear from you.  :)