Further Update (10/28):  I've just released 2.2.1, which should fix the crash if you were experiencing it.  Thank you for your patience and please let me know if you are still having any issues!

Update:  I think you may be able to stop Knitamus from crashing on you by removing its Dropbox permission.  You'll have to do this through the Dropbox website.  Log in and click on your username (in the top right corner) and choose "Settings".  In settings, choose the Security tab and then scroll all the way to the bottom.  You should see the apps that you've granted Dropbox access to listed there.  Click the little 'x' that's all the way on the right hand end of the row for Knitamus to remove Dropbox permission for the Knitamus app.  You'll want to keep the files in that folder (you will be asked; keeping the files is the default).  I hope that is helpful and, again, I'm sorry!

Sometimes software, like some knitting projects, just doesn't go according to plan.  I don't want to spend a lot of time writing here because I want to get things fixed as quickly as I can and I need to spend some time doing that, but I do want to let you know what's going on.

I pressed go on an update to Knitamus last night.  It's an update that's been in the works for several months and has come this close to release several times, but one thing after another has sent me back for one more revision.  When I pressed go, I was pretty confident that nothing terrible was still lurking in the code.

Unfortunately, there was.  If you were already connected to Dropbox in the app, your Knitamus is probably crashing on you right now.  I'm really sorry.  Honestly, I'm not sure how that got through.  I've removed the app from sale for now, to prevent anyone else from getting the bad version.  And I'm working on a fix which I will ask Apple to review as quickly as possible.  Fingers crossed you'll be back up and running soon.

Thanks so much for your understanding.