I've decided to make Knitamus a pay-once-to-download app.  This means you can choose to buy it now and never worry about having to pay for it again!

If you have ever purchased a subscription, thank you very very much!  I have ideas for future options, including advanced features for an in-app purchase.   As a subscriber, you will get those extras for free.

If you're curious about why I decided to try a subscription model in the first place, you can still read my post about it if you'd like.

If you're curious about why I've changed my mind, read on.  My goals for Knitamus haven't changed.  I still want it to be a sustainable project that knitters can enjoy for through many revisions of iPhones, iPads, and now Apple Watches!  But a year in, I have to admit that the subscription model wasn't working.  Maybe that was because the app was already really useful without a subscription (I wanted you to really love it before you paid).  But if I'm honest with myself, I think it was mostly that subscriptions are annoying.  As a user of software myself, I don't like them either, even if I do think they make logical sense.

The best thing about Knitamus being a paid download is that you can now get a discount if you'd like to own both Knitamus and Knittrick!  Check out the Knitting Bundle in the App Store.  Even if you've already purchased one or the other, you will still get the full discount (about 20%) if you decide to complete your bundle.

If you'd like to support Knitamus, it would be wonderful if you would tell your friends about it or show it to your local yarn store!  Leaving a quick review on the App Store is also very easy and very helpful.

Thank you for your support!